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      I am trying to burn a DVD using clips from my newer Sony digital video camera and my older MiniDV camera.  Unfortunately the digital camera clip runs slower than the tape clip.  I synced the two clips to begin on time but the camera clip ends up finishing about one second sooner.  I've tried everything I can to stretch or move the end of the tape clip to slow it down or stretch it so it ends at the same time as the digital clip but all that happens is I expose more or less of the end of the tape clip.

      How can I actually change the speed at which the tape clip runs so it (and its audio track) matches lengths exactly, WITHOUT affecting the speed at which the audio runs so the pitch of the tape audio doesn't go sharp or flat as I resize it?

      Thanks very much!


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      I'm not at my editing computer so I can't test, but try this. Hold down the Control key and left click and hold down the mouse key at the end of the clip you want to shorten or lengthen. You can now move the end of the clip to the right (to lengthen/slow down) or to the left (to shorten/speed up) the clip. I believe this will work without changing effecting the audio.


      If this doesn't work, consult the Help Menu and/or download the program documentation from Sony web site.




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      I think if you change the speed of your clip you will also need to change the speed of your audio. In otherwords your audiowill then not match you video if you use the control key to strech your video

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