changing set aspect ratio in fcpx? color correction for led lights in fcpx/after effects? post editing depth of field?

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      like most new users, I found this forum due to some timely trouble. Would really appreciate any help thats possible! As a beginner, I recently shot and did a edit of some footage. I’m doing some work in FCPX. I also have After Effects but have not really learned it yet, but I’m a learner and if you put me in the direction i can learn!

      I have attached a link to an imgur album with my stills form my video for assistance.

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      Aspect Ratio
      First off my project in FCPX seems to be stuck in a larger aspect ratio then the footage I’m actually working with(1920×1080 16:9). It’s apparent in all my stills in the imgur album. I have no idea had to change this. Was this something I did when I started the project and can not go back and fix at this point?

      Led light shots regarding Color correction
      Does anyone have any advice post effects (with either FCPX or After Effects) to make the red and green color led lights more vibrant and pop out (stick out) more? I was filming in a parking garage,am relatively new to DLSR filming, had no own light sources. I had the iso at 640, aperture at 5.6, shutter speed at 50(shooting at 24fps)

      Kiosk shot regarding Post effect focus/depth of field
      Is there anything I can do in post whether in FCPX or AE to only have the kiosk in focus as foreground and everything else out of focus. Is depth of field editing possible in FCPX or AE? If anyone can help or put me in a direction( links welcome πŸ™‚ ) it would be tremendous help.

      extra problem
      In the image of the kiosk, the monitor of the kiosk has that distorting effect. Is that just interlacing? What exactly is that called? Any tips on how I would film around that in the future? Any post edits tips to dim it?

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      I don’t use FCPX, but check out – they offer plugins that will produce many of the effects you desire.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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