Changing Default Sources on Panasonic Mixer

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      Our church has a Panasonic WJ-MX20 Digital AV Mixer. The Source 2 input has gone bad. We are currently using Source 1 and Source 3. When we power it back on, it always defaults to Source 1 and Source 2 for our two cameras. Is there a way to change the defaults so that it stays on Source 1 and Source 3 when it is powered on?

      I know that it is very simple to push the Source 3 button when it is powered on, but we have many different people who use it who don’t understand much about the machine. We really only use it to provide a smooth transition from one camera to the other and that’s all they use the machine for.

      For now, I’ve placed a note on the machine to make sure the Source 1 and Source 3 buttons are lit for the people who run it.

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      It may be possible to record an Event Setting (p.13 of the manual) but then you have to leave a note about powering up and selecting that!

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