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      chicken thief

      I have been shooting community events and worship video for over 10 years for the local cable companies with prosumer camcorders and editing with either Premier Pro 6 or Edius 6.5. I'm planning to upgrade to professional camcorders this year (either GY-HM150 JVC or AG-AC90 Panasonic). I would like some insights from left handed people into which would be the more suitable. I would also appreciate comments on other gear that is a specially helpful or cumbersome. As a comment, I have found that Edius is more user friendly for me and my Manfrotto tripod is specially good for lefties. 

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      Dear Chicken Thief, 


      I too am a lefty, and am forced to see the world backwards just like you. Fortunately for me, I primarily use a DSLR and use either a monopod, tripod, or glidecam. With that, I have not been restricted or forced to hold things awkwardly. 


      What have you been using as your primary rig? Also, out of those 2 cameras, we suggest the Panasonic. It's newer, cheaper, shoots in 60p, and has a CMOS sensor. 




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      Well, I'm not left handed but I can tell you as a Sony  FS-100 guy that the designer of it was for sure a "Lefty". Took me a bit to get the operation down without looking using my left hand. 

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      chicken thief

      Thanks for the recommendation.  I was leaning towards the Panasonic.  Currently, I'm using a Sony NEX-VG 10.  It's a fair camera but decidedly awkward when you're missing a couple of fingers on your right hand.  Balance is an issue for me as is the zoom and accessibility of the SD card (I'm not a lefty by choice).  Wired remote focus and zoom and the ability to shoot for at least an hour or more continuously are mandatory for me and I'm also quite comfortable working with AVCHD.  As a backup, I have a Canon HG20.  Thanks again

Viewing 2 reply threads
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