Challenge 6: Color Correction

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      Here's my shot at challenge 6.  This is a still image that I took from video – the video that I shot was on the ferry which offered a lot of vibration.  Even after a few attempts at stabilization, I was still unhappy with the results so I ended up just using a still frame instead. The color correction was applied using a tint effect in After Effects (the same affect can be applied in Premiere) where I remapped the whites to a blue-ish hue while the blacks were mapped to a beige.  The tint was applied to an adjustment layer which I blended with the original image using the Hard Light blend mode.


      Here is the version with the video (instead of the still frame):





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      Great use of color correction. It's amazing how much of a different "feel" comes to the viewer just by increasing or descreasing tints and hues. This is a good exersice to see the difference.


      Thanks for sharing your video.



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      Thanks…Love these video challenges and love to see what everyone is doing!

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