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      Assuming that one is using a wireless lav, or a pocket audio recorder with a lav attached, does anyone find that there is an optimal place to clip the lav so as to get the best audio from groom, bride, and officiant from one mic? Do you place it lower on the groom, and turn up the sensitivity? Also, is anyone choosing any particular mic pickup pattern in order to get beter audio from all three individuals?


      Just trying to get a feeling of best practices. Thanks!

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      I quit using wireless mics a few years back, due to interference and cutting out at the worst moments. Plus the government re-allocated some frequency spectrum a couple of years ago, making many older mics "illegal". I use portable iRiver recorders, and though these are no longer sold new, there are similar pocket recorders out there from Tascam and Zoom


      I've always put the mic on the Groom and that picks up him and the Bride just fine. It can also work for the minister, though they don't always stand close-enough.


      Optimally, I will put iRivers on the Groom, Officiant, and podium. Camera mic is also going for music and other ambient sound, and I will mic musicians as well sometimes, putting a small recorder by the quartet or soloist.


      It makes a bit more work in post, but I find the results quite satisfying, without compromises.


      Note that you will need to purchase a lav mic to interface with a pocket recorder. I recommend contacting http://www.giant-squid-audio-lab.com/ as they provide amazing quality at very reasonable pricing. Can also do custom work on request, for instance the wiring is reversed for iRivers recording in mono mode.




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      I usually place the mic on the groom, as well, but also the minister.  I used to mic the bride if I had only one mic because she tends to be the focus, but found that placing the mic on the minister or the minister and groom works best.  The bride will usually stand close enough to the groom to be picked up just fine.


      However, I almost always attempt to take a feed directly out of the house sound system if it is available.  This obviously eliminates issues in trying to mic everyone, and any musicians, music, etc. will be coming through the mixing console.  


      I always attend the rehearsal, and make the decisions based on the needs of the ceremony.  I use Sony's PMW line of mics.


      Eric Vancil

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      Aeromax,  my budget for equipment is at the lower end but I have had good results using the Zoom H2 on the groom. Radio shack has a  omni-directional lav for around $30 that picks up all three participants when placed on the groom somewhere near where his coat comes together (top fastened button). Just be sure to hook up headphones and give a sound check of the groom before the proceedings start. I start the recording then and not leave responsibility of switching recorder on to the groom. When approaching the groom about miking him, impress on him that the bride is going to want to hear the vows etc. As headstock suggested, attend the rehearsal.you will get info on mike placement, camera placement, movement etc. You might een get some useful b-roll. Keep shooting.

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      I always just mic the officiant and have never had issues with being able to clearly hear the bride and groom.  If you can get a second mic on the groom or near a podium or speaker, for anyone reading scripture or singing a song, that would be ideal. 



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      There's some great tips from Joe Simon's (one of the best wedding videographer's in the world) here: http://the-delivery-men.com/quick-tips-season-one-episode-one-digital-recorders/


      He even talks about micing the bride with a leg or waist belt! That's crazy, I don't think I would do that.

      Has anyone used Rycote Undercovers? 

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