Card Flip in After Effects

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      Hi everyone
      I would like to make a similar card flip like you see here in the video 
      My problem is the front picture and the back picture. I dont know how the best option to put 2 different pictures on the back and on the front of a card.
      The card will be a very slim paper. I tried to put 2 pictures very tight so the distance between was 0.1 px. It worked for a rotation, but when im adding another picture under that card, some problem occur (when I flip the card to make visible the picture under that) and I have to go up to 1px to get rid of that problem
      I can make a video to show you guys what do I mean 
      any help ?
      (sorry for my english)
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      First off you'll need AFX or a similarly capable compositing program to pull this off properly. You don't even need that program to do this. To do it you'll need to understand how to setup 2D compositions in 3D space, how to make Null Objects and track their movement in addition to linking your elements all together. Best place to learn all that for AFX is at:

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      tutorial on

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