Car crash tutorial using After Effects

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      Hi everybody,


      Checkout my tutorial on how to do a realistic car crash using Adobe After Effects! Let me know what you think!



      Thanks for watching!



      twitter: @ruanlotter @filmmakerfx



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      Very Cool Ruan.


      Thanks for sharing your skills!



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      Not bad if you don't have the budget to sacrifice two perfectly good cars not to mention paying the stuntmen. I do have a couple of problems with it, one is solvable the other one maybe not so much. First, the car that was hit should rotate in the other direction, the left side of the car having not received the initial impact will have a delayed reaction. Second, I never really got the impression that the car was hit, rather it was pushed off as if it really happened at a slow speed and you just sped up the footage. The moving car should have slowed down upon impact having lost a lot of its inertia at that point and it should be deflected to its right. The hit car should have a jarring motion (fast and brief) and then move off at a slower pace. You might be able to solve this in After Effects by using more key frames and varying the speed. A solution for the moving car might be to make two passes with the car, one at high speed and the other a little slower and cut to the slower one after the hit and you could have the driver vear off at that point, marking the position with something light and expendable. If the car doesn't hit the same mark on the second pass, you could attribute that sudden jump in position (hopefully small) with the impact. If you can accomplish both you will probably end up with a great result. If you add damage to the cars (Photoshop?) it might even be perfect. Hope I was of some help and not too annoying. Good luck.

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