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      Does anyone have experience using a smartphone (specifically, I'm contemplating an Android Nexus 5) to mic the groom or officiant.  What are the challenges of using your phone as a field recoding device.  Any problem with "no service" for a few hours for the ceremony, downloading the audio to the editor, and so on.  The size of the Nexus 5 (and other smartphones) makes the device inviting as a capable and easily-concealed recorder–but are the "phone" aspect challenges worth the diversion for recording duties.


      I will appreciate all comments/thoughts/recommendations.


      Thank you.

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      Smart phone to record production audio???


      I… umm… uh… hmmmmmmmm. It's certainly an interesting idea.


      Where would you put it? Are you concerned about cloth rubbing against the mic and creating noise?


      Honestly, I would say you need to test it out. Use it to record some fake ceremony audio, put it in your computer and see if it meets your standard and is good enough to satisfy your clients.


      Let it run the length of a wedding ceremony and see if it will record the whole time, what sort of files it spits out, etc.


      Personally, I use a wireless lav on the officiant, and a digital recorder (Zoom H2) stashed nearby as backup.


      I don't mic the bride or groom. My personal opinion only is that this is their big day – they're the happy couple, not actors to have to deal with my equipment. Also – WAY easier to track down the officiant after the big kiss than it is to wade through the crowd and get gear off a groom. Heavens forbid he jumps straight into a limo and drives off with my $500 mic or my smart phone!


      Just my 2 cents.

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      Using a cell phone to mic an event is a horrible idea. Even up close it's still awful. Dell's on the right track with the Zoom H2, but if you want similar recording capability but much cheaper try the Zoom H1 for about $99. I use one to back up a point-n-shoot video cam for sync audio and get really good results. Thing to remember with the 'Zoom' models is get a 'fuzzy muff' to cover the mics as they are very sensitive and don't block wind worth squat without one. Also don't use the 'auto levels' on the H1 as it records way too 'hot' (loud). Instead use the manual levels to get cleaner sound. Don't use your 'phone' to record secondary audio especially for an important event like a wedding. You're just asking for trouble.

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      Dell, HW…


      Many thanks for your comments.  I shot a wedding in the "this is how to do EVERYTHING wrong" category.  The real horror is the audio for the ceremony.


      My novice actions were the problem, of course.  I had a DPA lav on order–came a couple of weeks after the ceremony.  I did use some top-notch mics, but I did not have the dead-cat variety covers for this outdoor wedding.  The wind noise I plan to attack in CS6.


      After the fiasco I shot, I've been busy trying to learn "what I REALLY should do" for weddng videos.  This Web site is a gold mine–both for the items the staff provide and for the experience and suggestions so wonderfully given in these posts.


      Using a smart phone for audio–coupled with a lav on the groom and/or officiant is in one or two of the posts. With the smart phone size, it sounded like a great idea. The H2n and H4n are highly rated for capturing ceremony and reception.  Like HW points out, mic-ing the groom would be a good second to mic-ing the officiant, but only if absolutely necessary to assure the audio.


      Your inputs, though, put me on the track of using the H2n, H4n, and Sennheiser shotguns placed to capture great audio while staying out of the shots.  My lav is destined for the officient–particularly for the vows.


      I have a Sennheiser wireles set-up, but I was contemplating the smart phone for a wired lav arrangement.


      Do you have suggestions for the lav–wired or wireless?  What about what recorder in the case of a wired lav?


      Again, thank you for your time and comments.  Great that you are so willing to share!!

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