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      I have a JVC HD100U which I bought, of course, just before they did away with tape.  There is a firewire port on the camera.  What I want to know is there a device which will allow me to capture through the firewire directly to a memory card as opposed to using tape.  The problem is I don't have an HD deck and there are no drivers anymore, according to JVC, to allow me to download through any capturing software.  So I thought if I could capture to a card then I could remove the card, put it into my computer and dump the video to the hard drive that way.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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      Can you no longer capture from your camera using Windows Movie Maker, or as I believe they call it now, Windows Movie Studio?

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      I use a datavideo dn-60 on my firewire enabled tape camera. This magazine did a review on them. It records to cf cards.

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      Thanks for the info BruceMol. I'm always glad to admit that I was mistaken.



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      I have friends who used to own that camera and I don't think there's any way of doing what you want to do.

      You can try posting this question on the JVC users forum at and see if any users there have suggestions for you.


      JVC did make the MR-HD100, a 100 GB. hard disk recorder for that camera.

      There's also the Focus Enhancements Firestore FS-4 Pro HD hard disk recorder.

      Neither of these are made any longer so Ebay is your only resort.

      Good luck!!



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