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      I’m looking for advice on how to go about capturing better audio for a talk show I am currently filming. Right now, we have a three camera set up and have just been using audio from one of the camera mics. The talk show features a panel of about 13-15 people on average. What would be the best method for capturing audio in this situation?
      Here is an example of an episode of the show:

      Right now, I’m being given a very low budget to produce this show ($250, all of which goes to paying me and my crew members), but I’d like to know what some of the best methods for capturing audio in a situation like this are, regardless of budget, as well as what cheaper options may be available to use until we have a larger budget.


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      Nice show. Thanks for the clip.
      I would put a lavaliere mic on the hostess to start with, either wireless or wired back to a mixer.

      For comments from the group a shotgun mic on a boom pole might be the easiest solution and would certainly provide the best sound. You would have to consider how this might look in wide shots, however, where it probably would show. And of course you would need a boom pole operator.

      Another possibility would be to place three or four shotgun mics on floor stands close to the seated people. Each should be wired separately back to your mixer.

      I’ve used PZMs backed by clear plexiglass, mounted vertically on stands in a situation such as yours. PZMs (Pressure Zone Microphones) rely on reflected sound, thus the clear plexiglass backing, clear to minimize the visual impact. The new generation of PZMs sound pretty good. You may have seen these in use in conference rooms, sitting on the table. They’re about the size of a hockey puck. Not ideal, but it works.

      As a last resort you could try a handheld mic, like reporters use for on-the-street interviews. Passing this around gets cumbersome, however, and can generate lots of noise. This tends to take the spontaneity out of the discussion and I would advise against it.

      I’ve referred to a mixer and this is an important piece of gear where multiple microphones are involved. The mixer will allow for the control of each mic and will greatly enhance the audio quality of your production.

      Good luck with your show. It’s a winner.

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