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      Hello, I'm new to the forum and video recording, and I hope you can help me out.


      I play electric guitar has a hobby and I'm already at ease with multi-track audio recording. For those unfamiliar with the concept, I can record several audio tracks one at a time and mix them together and with MIDI programed virtual instruments to form a complete music. As I record or capture audio, I can hear at the same time any of the existing audio tracks for reference, so they all sound synchronized.


      Now i want to do something similar with video. What I need is very simple in concept, but I didn't figure out yet how to do it with the software included in my laptop. What I want is to have one audio track with all the rest of the "band", a backing track, and capture video and audio of myself playing the guitar, while listening the audio backing track as I play. And then mix both in a single video.


      I have a laptop a few months old, which came with Windows Live Movie Maker and CyberLink Power Director. I already passed the first stage and managed to do a simple capture from the webcam with audio from my audio interface in both of them. But can't figure out how to capture a video with the backing track playing at the same time. Movie Maker seems to only allow to import audio as a soundtrack, only after I already have a video in the project. Power Director lets me import audio from the start but when I capture video, the audio file won't play.


      Maybe it's just some simple setting I'm missing, or do I need a diferent software?



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      As soon as you start to do clever stuff, these simple edit programmes run out of steam. The average person uses them to stitch together their home movies and not much else.


      With the usual edit software (and cut down versions of most are not too expensive) FCP/Premiere/Vegas etc you simply play to the audio track, and shoot the video. Then import the video (and it's audio if there is some) and load the audio track into the editor and sync them up. Most do it manually, some even use plug-ins like plural eyes to do it for you.


      These editing packages let you look at the audio waveforms, so simply dragging the video clips in time until they line up works, then you can run them and cut between cameras. This kind of stuff is just not needed for home users, so while you can often bodge things, it makes life very difficult.

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      Ok, thanks. I was hoping this was a simple feature that could be found in these softwares.


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