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      Hello, I´m a event videographer. Last year I had a job in some speaking meetings, about programmers. I had to shoot each conference in video, and also capture the projector output where each speaker showed their presentation. They were programmers so they used stills but some also started programming some lines. What I want to say is I couldn´t just take the presentation and later used in my NLE timeline because they did real time stuff.

      I capture the projector output. I hadn´t much time in that moment so I buy a cheap video capture device like this:…=video+capture
      And also a converter from the proyector output (VGA) to rca so I can use the video capture device:…rds=vga+to+rca

      So, it worked fine, I captured about 30 minutes speakings, 20 in 2 days.
      The quality it wasn´t the best but it was better than just put a camera shooting the screen where it was projected.

      This year I have the same job and I want an upgrade, improve the quality. May be some of you would apreciate this info, and may be others can help me in impoving it.
      There aren´t many capture devices in the market, so it´s no easy.

      This is one of the speakings I did, you can see the job done:

      I would apreciatte any advice or tip in this matters.
      Sorry for my english.


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      You can capture video from the speaker's computer, before it goes to the projector, by using screen recording software. Snagit, from TechSmith, has a video capture mode that works very well if all you want to do is capture the entire screen. Camtasia, from the same company has additional features, such as zooming in on a particular part of the screen.


      Programmers often have one or another of these programs on their computers, so they may be able to record their presentation as they makeit. The resulting file imports easily into most NLEs.

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