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      himanshu nagpal

      I use two cameras for shooting. One is Sony PD 177 which shoots at a resolution of 720 * 576 at 25fps and other is Sony HDV V1P which shoots at 1440 * 1080 at 25fps

      1) Do any of above video recorded are either uncompressed or raw
      2) How to capture so that the video remains uncompressed or raw
      3) Which software is best for capturing on windows

      This is my question in the forum and i am a rookie.

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      1) No. The footage is recorded to tape which means it's either DV-AVI or HDV, both of which are compressed formats.

      2) You can't do it with those cameras. The footage that is recorded is what gets capture. Unlike the days of VHS, there is no wuality loss as it's a digital signal.

      3) Most editing software comes with it's own capture program. For example, I use Sony Vegas Pro and it comes with a capture utility that uses the firewire capability of those cameras to capture the video.



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      The biggest problem you will have is what format to edit in once you have it in the machine. If the majority of your media being used is from the Sony SD camera, and the result will be on say, DVD, then edit in SD, and simply cale the HD material down to match – and have a bit of pan and scan capability to reframe the shot maybe? If the project needs to be in HD, and the bulk of the material comes from the HD source, then upscale the SD and see what it looks like? Sometimes it works, other times it's er, less good. 


      My work, for example is frequently a mix of SD archive, 720 and 1080 sources – and I tend to use 720 projects – for my use it works. Other people need different things.


      Most editors have presets for import, as has been said above – so almost certainly, these older format will be there somewhere in a menu.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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