Can’t get sound into Premeire El v9 with .mts files

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      I recently purchased a Sony SR-11 camcorder and shot some footage with it- about an hour and a halfs worth and imported it into my edit program Prem-El V.9 although the sound is there and fine when I play the camcorder from it's built in hard drive, when it exports the file to Prem Elements 9 they come in as .MTS files and only show the video and no sound. I tried looking at the shots in the Preview pane and also dragging one or 2 down to the timeline but only the video is there and no s/track. I imported them as it said and that worked but no sound in the edit program. I saved the files to a folder and they play fine with Win Media player loud and clear and they are the same files.

      What should I do so I can preview them with the sound on before I edit them?

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      In fact, there are some clues for users to check if they can not open MTS clips in Adobe Premiere Elements:

      1): Start a new project
      Try starting a Premiere Elements project and placing one of your AVCHD files at the beginning of your timeline. This will trigger Premiere Elements to automatically download the components for this type of video. Once it has this component, your computer should create the thumbnails for the files. It won't happen immediately – but the Organizer will work in the background to update itself as you do other things.

      2): Download latest version of Quicktime, per the program's requirements

      3): Adjust the project settings for PAL/NTSC

      If you still cannot import MTS files into Adobe Premiere Elements after all efforts, then you are advised to convert MTS videos into MPEG-2, the most compatible video format Premiere Elements

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