canon XLs. help with idea’s on non tape recording

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      Ok. high My name is Branden and i am using an older CANON XL1s for educational purposes and a pc running adobe creative suite cs6 master collection with all the goodies from premiere and i got sony dvd architect, sony vegas, sony soundforge and acid. I am working on an imac that will be purchased on friday with final cut pro.


      i am looking to ask a pro. I purchased a used canon XL1s and i dont like using a DV Tape. so the firewire connection and the component (red white and yellow) are my only usable parts. now my goal is to record without a wire. so i found a firewire based hard drive and i was hoping i could use it to connect directly to the dv port and record to the terabyte hard drive and hang the hard drive in the pocket attached to the camera cover. now it has usb also so when transfering the video file i can use usb and then firewire for the camera. or a wireless audio video system and a usb video capture to capture to an external hard drive. any other methods are handy. after all it is an older camera and i cannot aford a newer one and this is for education with the camera and the software. thank you for your support.

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      I had one of those cameras a long time ago and appreciated the manual controls and I even had the manual lens and beautiful stainless steel case. Five years ago B+H Photo gave me $400 trade-in for all of it. The problem is that it is as obsolete as a rotary phone — and Rube Goldberg work-flow work-arounds won’t change that. Even an entry-level Verizon no-contract Android phone for $ 75 new is better. There is no professional demand for knowing how to make gear work that would never be used. I suggest selling it all on Craigs list for a couple hundred to get a 2- year contract for an I-Phone 6s with 4k and editing in the phone or FC and teach a valuable skill with the latest tech. Camera tech ages faster than dogs.

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      Or……just use tapes. Seems like a far simpler solution to me.


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      That camera is dead end. Either use tape or get a new camera. You can’t take the firewire out of the camera directly into a drive. Won’t ever work. The option is to buy an external recorder and none of the new ones use firewire or analogue so you would have to convert first with another box. Now you two boxes and 2 cables and 2 more batteries and you are recording a crappy image from an old camera.

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      Please contact me as I have the same problem and would discuss with you.

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      “Excuse me, but I’ve been hearing that word “obsolete” for most of my life and you know what, we still dig holes with shovels.” – Dominic Santini

      Do you want to transmit audio/video wireless to a recording device elsewhere? Maybe you can find something here:

      Or are you looking for portable recorder to attach to the camera. I think you’d want to look for a FireStore device.

      I’ve connected the firewire out of cameras directly into my PowerBook G4 and recorded with FCP5. An SSD will give you a nice boost on an other system. Check for options.

      If you are recording longer sessions, tape length limitation is an issue.

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      Thank you for this information, I’ll do some research and add to my choice of system selections.

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      When you are working with vintage and newer components, an A/V analog-digital converter can be handy. I have a SONY DVMC-DA2 that converts between analog like composite & s-video and firewire. It’s a stand-alone piece, system independent, no software, etc. There are other models like it. Canopus ADVC, Dazzle Multimedia Hollywood DV-Bridge, Formac Studio converter & Power R Director’s Cut ADC for example.

      You can also find various video converters that support HDMI for newer monitor options. has many useful tear-down guides if you want to get your hands dirty with hacks & upgrades. There are guides for various iMac models.

      You should see some of the frankenstein work people do trying to make a DSLR into a usable video production camera. Working with vintage gear can be just as much fun and often a more challenging learning experience if you get under the hood of how things work.

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