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      hi this is my first post

      Im new to the site/forum im from UK recording in pal format.

      i recently bought a canon xl1s & recently shot some footage the problem i have is i cant get my canon xl1s to connect to my apple imac – via firewire which i just bought last week the firewire that is.

      i can connect the canon xl1s to my windows laptop & capture the 60 min tape via windows movie maker which gives me an 11.7gb AVI file from a 58 min tape recording.

      when i preview my footage it looks terrible like a cheap amateur camera was used,i have no problem admitting im a novice but i thought recording with a good body & lens & in good daylight the footage would have been of broadcast quality.

      most of the recodring i do would require mini dv to dvd.

      if anyone can offer any advice on
      A: how to improve recording & output quality to dvd.
      B: is it posible my firewire is faulty even though its new.

      i have imovie & final cut pro on my imac which i know my way around the problem i have is getting the footage from my canon xl1s to my imac.

      the firewire im using is a (nikkai 9pin male to 4pin male) firewire 800 – which fits with my canon & imac,but imovie & final cut wont recognise the camera when connected with the firewire & also connected to mains power.

      any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      Try viewing the file in Quicktime Player see if it still looks bad.  Might be MovieMaker's preview does not show full framerate or resolution/

Viewing 1 reply thread
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