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      I have purchased a Canon XF305 camera for amateur use. I need to be able to access and edit the MXF output for DVD creation. Do I need to convert the output to MPEG2? If so what MPEG2 setting do I use please? Is it MPEG2-PS HD Video (29.97 fps) or something else. I have used BIGASOFT software to get this far. Thanks

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      Personally never heard of Bigasoft but I looked it up.

      If you are intending to make DVD's then you must have DVD creation software.

      If the DVD making software doesn't take the MXFyou have to convert it.

      If you have to convert it, you'll need to know what your DVD making software will take.


      …and that's not even mentioning editing software. It's hard for me to believe you are going straight to DVD w/o editing but, if you are, I am sure the store you bought the camera from can help.

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      Sorry can't help with UK settings. I render my files from an older Canon, using PremPro to .m2v + .wav and put them in Encore where they go to DVD. If you multiplex the audio with the video, when you transocde or render, it just has to be seperated again for the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS DVD folders. I'd probably end up what you are doing, trying the variants (I've never heard of -PS HD).

      Will this software help?


      I did a quick search for MXF and there appears to be very few companies that list it for their software. For instance, the capture instructions for the new version of Corel VideoStudio suggest it supports all HD files, just plug in the camera! Which means "maybe/maybe not" support for going direct from the SD card.Thankfully, the Corel product, and many other, allow free trial so you can determine if it will work. The reason I mention Corel, formerly ULEAD, is that I have a version running on an XP computer and it works fine – just slow because their in no hardwear accelleration.



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      You could use Sony Vegas Pro 12, it's a complete editing software that does a great job, and you could burn DVD's Blu-ray, 2d or 3 d. ($400.00 at B&H photovideo)

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      Review of Top 4 MXF Converters for Mac

      Top 1. Brorsoft MXF Converter for Mac- Excellent
      Top 2. Calibrated{Q} MXF Import- Good
      Top 3. MXF4Mac Player- Fair
      Top 4. MXF Import QT- Not bad

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      Dear Bruce,


      Thanks for your comments and I do understand the processes to which you refer. I have been producing DVDs from camcorder output for maybe 10 years but it is the move to HD video using a Canon XF305 device and the whole range of new terminology and formats which prompts my question.


      As I said, the Bigsoft software will translate MXF files and produce a list of HD output formats based on MPEG2 and MPEG4 and I am looking for the format which will give me the highest quality DVD image in PAL format DVD.


      At the moment I have tried MPEG2-PS HD Video format which produces a file *.mpg and the video edit software Pinnacle Studio wil handle this. I have also purchased Sony Movie Studio in an attempt to deal directly with MXF clips but that requires a different PC operating platform than the one which I use currently (Windows XP Pro).


      I'll keep digging and thanks again for your interest.


      J.M.Warr (U.K.)

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      Thanks Bruno, I'll get there.





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      Dear Bruno,


      I should have mentioned that the Canon MXF utility does come bundled with the XF305 camera. It is really just a file handler and archiver allowing clips to be viewed on a PC with some simple editting and cropping but it does NOT contain a DVD output rendering facility.


      Thanks again.



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