Canon XF300, color profile & color correction

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      hello all,


      i recently bought a canon xf300. it is my first high def tapeless camera… and it is my first time working with the 4:2:2 colorspace. first off, let me say that i edit using FCP 6.0.6 and that this is the first time i've used the color-corrector with 4:2:2 video and what a dream!!! it works so much better than with SD.


      so i shot some video using the "CineV" setting. and i noticed it was a very flat picture as compared to the "standard" setting. i shot with that setting anyway, but when i went to edit, i wound up using color corrector to bring out the contrast because the picture was too flat.


      so my question is… what is the point of using a "Cine" color profile setting if i'm going to process it with the color corrector to pull out the full range of contrast? is this "lossy" video"? and if so, doesn't processing it make it lose information? and if i use a setting that includes the whole contrast range and doesn't require processing, wouldn't that be better?


      or am i missing something here? any and all answers and explanations welcomed



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      Hi Byron, I have been using a similar camera, the xf305.  The cineV setting is intended to provide a flat picture.  Canon is notorious for adding a contrast, or color booster to their cameras.  On a consumer level, you have noticeably greater color contrast and saturation, resulting in a better picture.  In a professional setting, most editors prefer to shoot as close to RAW as they can, and manually color correct, or "grade" each scene independently.  If you have ever seen RAW footage, you will notice how flat the picture is.  The cineV setting is intended to reproduce such results, resulting in a more natural picture.  Kind of like a microphone that has a flat frequency response, as opposed to mics that have a presence boost at a certain range.  Most professionals prefer to boost presence at the khz of their choosing, as opposed to the mic doing it for them.  Same principle.  Although, I don't know if I would call the cineV setting close to RAW.  I really wish I would've saved a few k and gone with the BlackMagic, because even though the audio options may not be as great, at least it actually shoots RAW.  And there are plenty of Resolve plug-ins that make the footage look instantly beautiful without spending hours grading.  I'm sure you have found the same thing as me with the xf; it shoots great outdoors, but indoors, it requires a ton of light in order to not have artifacts in the footage.  So long answer short; yes, you may want to shoot in standard mode depending on what you are shooting.  Although, if you like the flat picture and prefer to bring it out in post then cineV is fine.  There are also some great plug-ins for PP and FC that add nice color and depth to your footage.

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      That's wow… lovely for this big conversation i hope you got amazing exprience with canon xf300 but some fetures are so tipicle to uderstand so i have same quesiton which define at this post.


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