Canon XC15 or Sony RX10 IV

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      Buying a couple Sony Z150s for educational studio work and had some money left over in the budget that I want to get a small run and gun. I have been following the XC10 and then XC15 and like the videos it gives as well as the fact that the new audio adaptor gives me XLRs, but I have looking at the new RX10 IV too and love the zoom as well as the picture quality and that I can take good stills. The only problem is that the mic input is an 1/8″ connector instead of XLR which means i would have to get a mic. Any thoughts about which one I should invest in?

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      Get the SONY IV is much better in everything,and the 4k code from CANON is complicate …
      I have the SONY III and lovi’t

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      How is the Sony RX10 Mk IV better? Specs and real world experience would be great! The codec itself shouldn't be too much of a problem as I am getting the Sony Z150s which use the equivalent Canon codec (Sony's XAVC-L vs Canon's XF-AVC)

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