CANON XA30 (PAL) Cant do 1/100 shutter – filmin at 50p

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      Hello, i recently adquired this camera, wich isnt the best in the world but is a quiet fine prosumer camcorder. I wanted to use the best quality this camera can provide, however filming either in avchd 28mbs or mp4 35mbs at 50p i cant do shutters of 1/100. And this just started being a problem in indoors fluorescent light.

      Of course i can set it up at 24mbs 25p 1/50 shutter and the flickerin problem is over. However i would like to know if setting this camera at 1/50 shutter at 50p might do the job, since the f stops for shutter are quietly irregulary for pal camera.

      All ive close to double frame at 50p is 1/120, altough 1/120 is a no go when filming indoors under fluorecent light /«(50hz). The image gets some flickerin, not much, but enough to be disliked.

      In outdoor daylight the image at 1/120 shutter filming at 50p is quiet good, is not much of a problem. Didnt tried yet tough concerts and such. My only question relies if it is ok to use 1/50 shutter at 50p under fluorescent lights in indoors,or in any other light conditions.


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