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      Video shot with XA-10 on Theophany. Russian Orthodox.
      Enjoy, Comments Welcome! 
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      Well done George, you bring the solomnity and holy things right into your videos, I liked the steadycam work you did  too.

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      Quite the contrare! No steadycam at all! =) 

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      Great Job George!


      When I saw the title XA-10 Service.   I thought it was a question about getting tech support.


      The XA-10 and the Mic were money well spent.  Well framed shots, I imagine you had only the natural light to work with and you used it well.  Great transitions.  The use of the music to go from one point in time to the other worked perfectly.  The live sound was excellent.  No humm or hiss.


      In the comressed time frame you were able to give someone unfamiliar a real feel for the service.


      I saw at the end the purpose of dipping the cross in the 3 water containers.


      But when the Priest was doing it,  it made me think of how photographs used to be developed by pro photographers and hobbyist.

      I'm not that old but I was around before digital.


      One would expose photographic paper with a magnifed image from the negative film.


      Then you put the paper in a tray of developing solution until the image appeared,  then it was put into another tray with a solution that stopped the developing,  finally you would put the paper in a tray of water

      to rinse the chemicals away.


      So it made me think of the Priest developing the Cross.   I know he wasn't but that's how my mind works.


      One note to be careful of.  Though, it may not be possible.  In the scene when the parishoners were putting the Holy Water into personal containers the stained glass window behind them was of course very bright.  Although the people were very clear they appeared a little darker because of thet contrast.

      I am not at my best right now so I don't remember if their is a setting to help with that.  If I find it I will post a comment.


      But that is a small thing. Especially when covering a live event.  I make little movies and am able to control where things are.


      Once again, great work.  Great job for a videographer of any age.  And you are only 15,  Congratulations.



Viewing 3 reply threads
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