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      Greetings Ladies and Gents, Happy Turkey Day!


      I am looking for the professional oppinion on the Canon XA-10. I have red reviews and such, but would like another oppinion. I am the media coordinator for my church, and there has not been any such thing, untill its inception in 2010. Since then, for a year I shot with a simple tripod and a point and shoot Canon. From there, I used a 200$ Sony Handycam, and then abandoned that. Currently I am using a Canon 60D with the kit lens (photo started earlier as a priotiry, we have the new Canon MkIII with the 600EXT Speedlight). Dont get me wrong, the Canon is nice at shooting video. However, I am looking for a good camera, used to record bits of church services, and the occasional on the spot interviews which would ideally last less then a minute. I am shooting with no external mic either, and a simple photo tripod. 


      I would like some oppinions on the XA-10. We are in a simple budget of less than 3 grand, since its nothing huge being recorded such as weddings,  documentaries or films.




      1) Pros/Cons of the XA-10, is it worth the buy?

      2) Good XLR Mic, to be used as a shotgun, and maybe detached for handheld reocrding.

      3) Simple fluid tripod


      I already have video software and a lighting, so if anyone can help me I would be forever grateful! 

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      AvatarWilliam Allington

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      Also I have another point to ponder…


      Is it worth it to invest in the XA-10 and buy mics and such? Is it like going from high(with 60D) to low(with XA-10)? Or is it a better bet to just invest in accesrories for my 60D instead…. 

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      From what I have heard the Canon still cameras have a limit one how long you can shoot video before the camera builds up to much heat, at least that was the problem in the early models. I shoot with a Vixia GH F10 which is the XA 10 less XLR capabilities,same Glass, same software.

      Battery power is the only limit on how long I can shoot, and if I power from the included charger I can shoot till the 32 GIG memory built in to the camera is full, Up to and past 4 hour. I volunteeer 

      in the video dept of my church and know from experience that some times the events that are recorded can by 1/2 to 1.5 hours long and I shoot the videos for the Childrens ministry programs

      and sometimes they can be long events too. I would recommend Geting the XA 10, and use the 60 as your second camera.

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      For what you want, you may not need a 2 thousand dollar camera You probably don't need a 2,00 dollar camera. especially if it's for in house viewing. Your point about about getting accessories for your existing cameras is a good one or finding a better video camera for a lot less.  But since you asked about the XA10 I will give the best answer I can.


      I am sorry I am not a Pro Videographer but I own one.  I bought it after extensive research.


      I also purchased it from a store that allows people to buy something check it out for 14 days and return it and get a full refund if not satisfactory.  

      I live in Canada where things are usually more expensive but I got it at a sale price and saved a couple of hundred


      Compared to my Video Camera which was a very good one, the video quality is so much better.


      If I were to reccomend a placeto buy from, it would be B & H .


      I just read their return policy and have a 30 day money refunded policy.  Except you have to pay the return shipping.


      The policy is at 



      I once returned a video camera and there was no problem


      If you are looking for a professionals opinion there are 169 customer reviews.   I went through them when I was about to buy and looked for those that identified themselves as semi-pro and professsional.


      I read many because even those who loved it may have had some small issue.  But another had no problem with that issue.   Some mention rattling when the handle is attached. I secure the handle tight and have never heard or felt rattling.


      The page the camera and details are on is




      For your other needs I would contact their customer service by phone or live chat.   They will make sure you are talking to the right person and if you tell them what your price range is for a XLR mic or tripod they will send give you the options that they sell.


      It sounds like i work for B & H but I don't.  I just have been buying most of my equipemnt from them or just getting advice since Febuary and think they are a great store.


      I made a sample video for you of the XA10 shooting an interview as you mentioned that was one of the uses for the camera.  I am alone so excuse a couple of editing bumps.  I did the questions and answers in one take but had to edit out when I was on camera asking the question.

      I am on a tiny budget and recently purchased the cheapest XLR Microphone I could find.

      I shot it in a room without windows and low lighting so I used the lightboxes I built to supply about 700 watts of light using daylight Compact Flourescent lights.  The camera is set to automatic. I did not use any of the manual controls.  It's 1 min 50 seconds, so stop watching when you get an idea of the camera in this situation


      This is the vimeo link



      If you want to see some outside footage.

      I shot a travelogue of me searching for some "treasure"   My hobby is GeoCaching, which is when people hide containers all over the world and leave the GPS coordinates on a Website with a description.  These people called Team Cobra asked others to take photos of videos of their search for the Container.  So I put the camera on the Automatic settings used the Camera's microphone and made the video.  I can be heard usually  but sometimes I am muttering to myself and forgot to keep my voice louder.   Watch what you need if you watch.





      If you want extra battery power my suggestion is   Type in the Name and model number of the camera and they will show you the compatable items.  Like Canon XA10.  I purchased the 43 dollar package that came with a charger for inside and in the car. Plus 2 long life Batteries.  The batteries display over 300 minutes of usable time.  Of course the more features you use  plus zooming and other things will reduce that.  But it's still 5 hours and you have another one ready to go.


      I hope this helps in some way.


      Good Luck to you



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      Thank you very much George,


      If I am able, I like to help.   You have an advantage over me as I am a little older than you and just started to become interested in making films in February.   I don't have the money to go to film school. So I learn from the internet and books.   I make little movies to practice technique and purchase equipment depending on my budget for the month.  I have learned some things as I am a hardly ever work professiona actor and a work sometimes professional improv comedian and teacher.


      I don't have any friends interested so I have to work alone.


      I'm pleased you liked my quality demo.   I would have done a voice track with the questions so it would have looked smooth, but that wasn't your concern.  I also cut out a lot.  When I start improvising I can go on and on.


      I thought of a tip that I figured out for myself and maybe you did too.  It is not a brilliant insight,


      If your camera has Auto Focus and Manual Focus.  I set the shot up with auto focus but then set it to manual focus.  That way if your subject moves a little forward or back the AF doesn't kick in and you end up with that lens adjustment on your video.


      Also,  since you are an aspiring videographer. Are you able to use the equipment that I imagine the church is paying for and use it for your own projects?  If you are I would definitely upgrade your camera and get good microphones.  You may have read here on videomaker  that an audience will put up with lesser quality images if the sound quality is top notch.  But not the other way around.


      If you have any questions let me know



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      Lets go back to the original post. From what you're describing as the potential use, you really have no need for a video camera like the AX-10. The DSLR you're using is more than adequate for recording "bits of church services, and the occasional on the spot interviews which would ideally last less then a minute."  Save the $1800 the AX-10 will cost.


      Getting an external microphone and tripod, on the other hand, should improve the quality of the interview and service bits.



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      Dear Barry,


      This is quite a review, one of which I have been looking for for a long time! I thank you for your reviews and tips! I also enjoyed the video you made which depicts quality of the camera!


      I tip my hat to you good sir! Thank You! 

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