Canon Vixia HF G30 Viewing Issues on My Laptop

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      Hello, everyone.


      I was wondering if someone could help me with a peculiar and somewhat unrelated issue with a new camcorder I purchased. I am trying out the Canon Vixia HF G30. I returned the Vixia HF G20 as the Vixia HF G30 model has some better issues, in my opinion. 


      But what I am having concerns with is that when I view video footage on my laptop I am noticing these odd horizontal lines along the edges of objects that move very fast. For example, I took some footage of me waving goodbye and the edges of my hand have these odd pixelated "horizontal" lines that look like poor quality. I recorded my video in AVCHD format which is pretty high, correct? I tried playing back the footage on a laptop that has HD+ and not Full HD (I just learned there was a difference between the two and I'm getting a laptop with Full HD and returning the one with HD+ shortly). I do want to stress that these lines are horizontal and not like your typical square-shaped pixelated choppiness that you see with low resolution. 


      Could someone possibly explain why this is the case? I was using VLC video viewer which is a pretty versatile video viewer and supports a lot of different video formats. 


      I'm not sure if I need to include more details. But if I do just let me know. I will say that when I use the included HDMI cable to view my recorded footage on my LED 40" flat screen television the video quality looks just as good as I would  expect it to for this type of camera. 


      Any ideas?





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      I know that camera will shoot in various frame rates including 60i.  Perhaps you shot some footage using that mode. The i stands for interlaced.  I've had issues with VLC player not automatically switching on the de-interlace mode.  Not saying that's the issue but check your camera record settings as well as VLC's playback settings.

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      With the VLC player open click on 'video' on top, when the drop down menu apperars click on 'deinterlace' then choose 'on' or 'automatic'.  See if that helps.


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      You'd better check your camera record settings and VLC's playback settings.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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