Canon T5i vs Panasonic G7

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      I run a YouTube channel and I am going to upgrade my camera. I have narrowed it down to 2 options. The first one is the Canon T5i and then I saw the Panasonic G7. I know that the G7 has 4K, but for now I probably won’t be shooting in 4K as my computer is not powerful enough for 4K. Also the T5i has a bigger sensor, and I want to play with the depth of field. So will the G7 produce better video quality than thee T5i? Or would the T5i be better due to the bigger sensor?

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      BG Davis

      You will need to double check this, but many/most consumer cameras do not use the entire sensor for video, so that doesn’t matter. The size of the pixels will matter for still photography, but in the case of video the difference between these two cameras is really not going to be noticeable. The video CODEC used is more important, as is the recording rate (Mbps). Most of these cameras (including the G7) record 1080p at 28mbps. (The GH3 records 1080p at 50mbps and the difference is noticeable.)
      A key consideration is mirrorless vs DSLR. Mirrorless allows you to use the VF when shooting; on bright days I always feel sorry for outdoor DSLR shooters struggling to see what’s on the rear screen. In addition, if you shoot hand-held (as many sports videographers do) you get much more stability and better tracking when using the VF.
      I have tried a lot of cameras, including Pentax K5 to Canon Rebel, Sony Alpha, and Panasonic GH3 and GX7. I always end up with the Panny because they really have made video shooting a breeze. Full manual control in video, very easy to switch back and forth, nice sensor crop extra zoom (no resampling and no image degradation), controls well placed, etc. Also if you do use the camera for action shooting (stills) Panny has better burst and buffer than the T5i. Canon has never seemed to care about burst shooters. That’s one reason I moved away from the brand (plus the mirrorless issue).
      I’ve been giving the G7 a long look and in my case the only competition is the GX8.
      Good luck on your decision.

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