Canon T4i or Canon 60D?

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      Hello Everyone,

      I am looking to buy a DSLR camera, but don't really know what to get, my budget is $1,000dls, I looked in a couple of places and I know that the T4i and the 60D are around my budget range, what do you guys recomend I should get?


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      AvatarJackson Wong

      Dear ECACE Productions,


      Unfortunately we don't get to do enough comparisons as an editorial staff, but these forums are ripe for questions like this, I hope you'll gain something from the post below.



      Definitely take a look at the Sept. buyer's guide of DSLRs there are quite a few at less than $1000. the T4i is too recent to be on the list, but it'll still help,


      Of course there's always a couple things to consider. Will you want to use any lenses you already have? Who is going to see your final video? Will you be shooting outdoors, for the Web, primarily video rather than stills? These answers will help us help you, thank you




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      Hi Edgar, between the T4i and the 60D, my vote is for the T4i because it has autofocus in video mode, while the 60D does not. I've shot with the T4i and it is a good camera for video, as long as you're OK with Canon moire (see this video) and 12 minute video clip length limit.


      Even with the T4i's handicaps, you can still get results like this:


      My camera is the Panasonic GH2. It too has autofocus in video mode – unlimited clip length and, as seen in the video above, a lot less moire than the Canons.


      It produces results like this:


      Hope this is helpful,



      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      when using DSLR such as the 60D and the 650D is it possible to set all the parameters such as white balance, aperture and shutter speed?


      Also, i read that some entry level DLSRs such as the 600D only shoot at 1080p.


      If i want to create the final video at 720p, do i have to resize it before editing, or do it when the project is complete inside my editing software?



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      I am researching a similar issue. The 60D and T4i are very similar in terms of capabilities. The T4i has better autofocus for video according to the specifications and reviews: "combined with the new EF 18-135mm STM kit lens, the T4i has Movie Servo AF, which is virtually silent while running continuous Auto Focus during video recordings. … you can focus silently and on the fly, electing for the camera to focus for you based on Face Recognition, Single Point, or Multipoint AF settings. Or you can direct the focal points yourself using the T4i's new touchscreen vari-angle display. Heck, this Auto Focus will even, after you tell it what your subject is, track said subject whether you move the camera or he/she/it moves."


      The 60D is much more robust, bigger and sturdy. From the point of view of a photographer (which I am most), it is much convenient to operate for taking stills. Much more pro, but if you are concern only with video these items does not count.


      The very best website for photo camera reviews is Steve Digicams. Look both models there and will have plenty of information.




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      60d is the way to go, or wait for the maybe 70d this year !!

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      I would go with the T4i. It has autofocus in video mode (although I can’t vouch for how good it is) which the 60D does not. The 60D is a better still photography camera but the T4i has things designed more for the videographer.

      It does shoot 720p60 as well as 1080 30 and 24. (Along with their PAL cousins.) The record time for each file is larger than on earlier models so you can shoot a continuous (22 or 29 minutes, not sure which) shot that you can’t on a 60D.

      All video cameras suffer from moire to one degree or another and it is true that HDSLRs are the worst. I hear the GH2 is better than the T3i at this but can’t say for the T4i. Maybe you could find some comparison videos online.

      Do spend the few extra bucks on the 18-135. Switching from 18-55 and 55-250 all the time is a pain. The 50mm 1.8 will also give you huge bang for the buck over the basic lenses.

      When you step into an HDSLR you’re also stepping into a set of lenses. The Panasonic GH line is pretty good I hear if you want to go the way of micro 4/3 lenses. A good set of Canon EF lenses can also be used on a lot of other very good cameras down the road that a set of micro 4/3 lenses won’t. And remember – EF-S lenses only work on the APS-C sensors, not the full frame or third party cameras. EF lenses go on everything.

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      I bought a T4i about two weeks before the T5i came out (didn't know it was coming out at the time) but I am extremly happy with it. I used it mostly for video. I bought the 18-135mm lens with silent focus as well as the $100 50mm lens with autofous (non-silent). The T4i also has the newest Digic V processor whereas the 60D I believe has the Digic IV processor – although from video reviews I have seen, there isn't a whole lot of difference.


      However, I mostly use manual focus anyway as I mostly do single shot videos (single point focus) on health related topics (used to use the Canon Vixia HFR20 camcorder).


      Here is a outdoors video (1 min) where I did do a manual focus change (second scene) during the shoot. T4i using the 50 mm lens.



      Below is an indoor single shot video (5 min) that I did using my T4i and  50mm lens.



      I would certainly recommend the T4i…..and get the 50mm lens for $100 also (but remember that this lens doesn't have the super silent focusing.



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      I'd go for the most affordable one then put your extra $$$ towards good glass.

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      A some of the others have already said, I'd encourage you to get the cheaper camera, better glass and sound gear.  If you look on youtube you find lots of wonderful videos shot on basic bodys.  –


      ALWAYS – Glass, Sound gear & Practice.

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      I shot with 2 cameras today, a Canon 5D and a Canon Rebel T4i.

      I love the Rebel T4i.  Only little draw back I found today was that it doesn't allow you to manually set the color temperature for your white balance.  Does the 60D do it?

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      Yes it does,  here's a link  "How to Set a Custom White Balance on a Canon 60D DSLR"



      Colour temp in live mode


      Hope this helps



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      Simply use MPEG Streamclip to convert and resize all your video footage.

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