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      Hey all-


      Considering purchasing the Canon T2i after Christmas this year.  I'm on a tight budget and was wondering if you all had any suggestions on where to buy it cheap.  Preferably refurbished or new. Thanks!

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      Armatos ( and B&H (


      Both have excellent used equipment departments and both offer extremely competative pricing.


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      Thanks! I'll check them out.

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      Austen – I had the T2i, and it is a great camera.  The fixed LCD can be a challenge for high and low angle shots, though.  Its successor model, the T3i, has a swiveling LCD and is a lot more flexible.  The T3i is on closeout right now due to the introduction of the T4i this year. A used T3i with swivel LCD and lens is $569 at Amazon Warehouse Deals right now.  A used T3i body is $499 at Adorama.


      Cheers and good luck!



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      Is anyone on the forums selling a new or refurbished T2i?

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      Yeah, I looked at the T3i, but didn't really think the swivel LCD would be a good thing because the swivel part of it is actually a bit of a breaking point…My thought was to attatch and external monitor to the T2i and that would be good.  I definitly don't want to buy used though-new or refurbished is the way I'm looking to go.  Thanks!  If anyone else knows of a good place to buy refurbished cheap I'd love to hear about it!

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