Canon HF R66 and Combining different frame rates in a Final Cut X project

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      Hi everyone


      I intend to film some instructional videos (drumming) that will involve fast movement and 2 seperate angles. I currently have a Canon Powershot SX510HS which shoots pretty decent 1080p video footage considering its price. I intend to use this camera for filming the secondary angles, which might be sowing what my feet are doing etc. For the main camera I am considering a

      Canon LEGRIA HF R66;



      The R66 I am hoping will shoot better quality footage than the power shot. My question is regarding working with clips with 2 different frame rates. The R66 can capture at up to 60fps which I understand would be wasted on my videos as they will be web based, however I thought that the 30fps setting would capture action better than the poweshots maximum of 25fps. If I was to shoot with the R66 set to say 30fps and the Powershot was set to its maximum of 25fps, would I come across any problems when editing in final cut pro x. Im aware that final cut allows you to import clips with different frame rates, but wasnt sure how this might look in the real world?


      If alot of stuttering or unwanted artifacts are introduced am I right in saying my only option would be to lower the frame rate of the R66 to match the Powershot, therefore wasting the capabilities of the better camera?


      Do you think I would face any other issues when combining footage from these 2 different cameras?


      Many thanks indeed for your time.






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      One potential issue you may face is the difference in color between the shots.   Since both will be using different sensors you may have to do some color correction to get them to match.  As far at the frame rates go you could experiment with different output (render) settings and see which one is most pleasing to you.

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