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      I'm writing from Italy (PAL land) . where after the first test made by a German site the italians decided that from the "little" G30 to the Xa25 doesn't worth the money they cost. The only reason I found to that is : the Xa-20 and Xa-25 doesn't have the 1000 horizontal lines as promised

      G30 Test

      Xa-25 Test

      Arriving at the point  I saw many low liqht video made with the Xa-20 I found nice.  So

      The vixia HF G30 has the same video quality of the Xa-20?  I ask that because I'm not interested in XLR inputs, night vision etc but i'm interested in video quality (expecially in low light conditions) and a better video quality of the Xa-20 is the "MY MUST HAVE"

      Can someone tell me if there are differences on video quality



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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Without looking at an apples to apples video comparison, my understanding is that they should be they same. Same lens, same sensor, same bit-rate compression. The real factor is the DSP, which interprets the sensor data. Based on the example shots you showed, it looks like the difference is negligible. 


      I think your assessment is correct.

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      hello Mike,

      i just purchased the XA20 in South Africa, im just wondering what is the Quality of still Photos?

      there doesn't seem to be any info. about still photography apart from taking stils from video footage which is low quality not exceeding 3.5 MG .

      please advise.

      as far as the diference between the XA20 and G30 for me the main thing is the Infra red function which is nice for night shooting when you need it in the Bush.

      talal salem

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Hi Talalizm-

      The image sensor on the XA20 can only capture arround 3 megapixels, which means stills are going to be pretty bad, unfortunately. πŸ™

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      sorry i have to ask because the XA 20 was mentioned so here goes.   I'm struggling with a decision to go Canon xa 20 or Panasonic GH3  –  mission 90% video, interview news style, warehouse and trade show settings, sports shooting basketball.   Clean audio key and I have used separate audio with H4n Zoom.   I also saw a sample of GH3 shotgun capabilities, very good.   Since I'm a video shooter moving to DSLR syle setup is a change. Getting knowledgeable about lens etc also new territory,  However I shoot for clients and so I feel these two choices produce quality video.  





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