Canon EOS 80D or Sony A6300?

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      Hello, Videomaker forum user! I’m new guy here, i have a some awkward issue about 2 cameras, Canon EOS 80D and Sony A6300. These guys are brand-new camera, and the prices are almost the same. And i need an advice, which is camera should i choose for my videography gear.

      So here’s the issue. Actually, i’ve been using Canon since 6 years ago and the video quality is enough for me. Canon just released 80D with great video autofocus and a touchscreen also 1080p 60fps. I love those features and all of my lens are EF or EF-S lens which is extremely compatible to Canon DSLR. In other hand, Sony A6300 is also a great Mirrorless for video! 4K resolution and awesome low-light performance. I’m so confused choosing between these cameras, these cameras have their minus and plus side. 80D doesn’t have 4K resolution nor great Low-light performance. A6300 doesn’t have touchscreen which is makes me a lil bit uncomfortable even with 4D Focus feature and i have to buy lens adapter to fit my EF / EF-S lens to Sony E-Mount (and i heard that if i put adapter to Sony camera, the AF feature won’t work very well).

      So what do you guys think? which camera should i choose? I use my camera to record an event (concert, wedding, meeting, workshop, live event, etc) so i really need your opinion about these two cameras.

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