Canon C100 vs. Panasonic AF100 (color match)

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      My business partner and I are trying to match our cameras color settings.

      He ownes a Canon C100.   I own a Panasonic AF100.


      Does anyone have any advice on how to match the camera color settings?


      Usually we both shoot flat so that the color correction has more of a range.

      From our tests the AF100 shoots more blue, and the Canon shoots more red.


      Please help!!!  

      Thanks.  -Brad

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      Take a look at the X-Rite web site. They sell color checkers–actually, color swatch panels, with the colors you need to profile your cameras. Start your shoot by both taking some footage of the same color checker, under the light you'll use for shooting. Then, in your NLE, crop down to the swatch you consider most important and use your 3-Way Color Corrector to set the swatch to its designated point on the NLE's vectorscope.


      A simpler approach, if you're shooting people, is to use one person's skin tone as a color reference, and do the same thing. Generate reference footage in both cameras, and in the NLE, color correct to set the skin tone at the same point on the vectorscope. I prefer a color checker, since I can reference several color swatches.


      Hope that helps!

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