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      Good afternoon!
      I’m new to the forum and just stumbled upon this while trying to google this topic. I’m a videographer for Lifehouse Church in Hagerstown, MD. We’ve just upgraded to a C100. I was using a 60D until the purchase. These settings are incredibly different. I did some testing and captured some footage this weekend at our 2 campuses. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my footage and don’t like any grain at all. In my lowlight footage it’s got a considerable amount of grain as well as some grain and distortion in my normal light. My first initial thought was it was due to the 24-105 minimum 4.0. When reading and researching some said that F Stop shouldn’t make too much of a difference. Has anyone used the C100 and found a 2.8 to be much better? Thanks!

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      Although I’ve never used a Canon C100, I can say that the size of the lens and the maximum f-stop has nothing to do with directly adding unwanted grain. The grain is a result of increasing the electronic sensitivity of the camera’s imaging device. Check the camera’s ‘gain’ selector or ‘ISO’ setting. When you boost these settings to a higher level, you are able to shoot in lower light situations but at the cost of increased grain. True, a faster lens means you won’t have to boost the gain as much, but the lens itself does not add grain. Perhaps the camera is on auto and is boosting the gain by itself…try switching to manual and turn the gain right down. Adding additional lighting can make a huge difference. My motto…”When in doubt, light it!”

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      Mike Wilhelm

      First place to look is definitely ISO. If you can shoot at 320, your footage should be super clean.

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      I’m aware of the ISO settings, but I’m in a very low light situation. An ISO range of 320 is definitely impossible in a low light room. If I had a lens with a f stop lower than 4.0 I could bring the ISO down incredibly lower. I tested with a 50mm with 1.8 and the footage came out way cleaner.

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      Space Racer

      I hope you haven’t been reading the nonsense over at about noise and exposure. They’ve gone completely off their rockers on that topic.

      F-stop and shutter speed have a huge effect on grain because they determine which ISO you have to use and the ISO setting determines the amount of noise you see.

      I have shot with the C100 and it’s a very clean camera almost all the way to its top ISO. Check the ND filter, sometimes it gets switched in by accident.

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      I have had the C100 and currently have the C100 mk2. Both are very clean, when used properly. You said you shoot everything manually, but you didn’t tell us what ISO setting you used. The “native” ISO on that camera is 850, not 320.

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      When I first used the C100, I too had grain in the video at high ISOs in low light situations. After watching the videos about the C100 from Canon it’s clear that you want to stay at ISO 850 whenever possible. I have found that you can go up to 4000/5000 ISO without grain, so adding a fast lens f1.4, f1.8, f2.0 helps out a lot. I was unable to get grainless footage at f4.0 with ISO 10,000. I shoot in churches a lot, and I have to use fast lenses or use an LED light, no other way around it.

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      My ISO generally depends on how the lighting is. I also figured out my problem. I didn’t check my FPS settings. It was sent from the factory set to 60i FPS. I knew something didn’t look right. I shot a few other videos recently and wow, the difference set to 24 FPS is phenomenal. Thanks for all your input!

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      Nice one.

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      Thanks for the reply! I always set everything in manual. I don’t trust auto settings! 🙂

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