Canon 6D vs 5D Mark III

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Has anyone compared the footage from these cameras? On paper it doesn't look like there's any reason to spend the money on the 5D if all I want to do is shoot video.

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Max - like the $2797 D800, the $1997 D600 has a serious problem with moire (shimmering, colored bands on patterned subjects such as brickwork, shingled roofs, striped clothing, etc.).  This can be seen clearly in this side-by-side between the D600 and the $1249 Panasonic GH3:



The $3300 5D Mark III solves the moire problem - but, straight out of the box, it is not as sharp as the GH3:



If you are willing to modify your camera, there is a hack that allows the 5D Mark III to shoot RAW, surpassing the resolution and dynamic range of the GH3:



But this will significantly increase the amount of storage required to record your videos - and can be a challenge to deal with in the editing suite.


For video, I recommend the GH3 - straight out of the box, it is the best value-for-money large-sensor, interchangeable lens camera on the market.


Unlike the D600 and the 5D Mark III, it:


- records for hours continuously,


- has lightning fast and accurate video autofocus,  and


- has a viewfinder that continues working in video mode.  


Hope this is helpful,



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It is helful thank you. I'm thinking of trying GH3 as you suggested. :)

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