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      Hi everyone i have a problem. For around 2 weeks i am doing tests with my Canon 650d trying different picture styles and colour grading them.I also downloaded the Cinestyle which suppose to be good as well. In my test's i am comparing 3 Picture styles: 1. Standard: in which every thing was set as default 2, User Setting : in which I pulled down the contrast saturation and colour tone completely and left the sharpens not changed. 3.Cine Style and didn't change anything. After i graded these footage using the Magic Bullet Mojo default i exported them and it seems that the Standard picture style still wins with all the rest. It has the best contrast, best sharpness and best saturation and the image is not noisy at all.However the Cine style graded is still very flat and soft and looks like the standard picture style not graded. Hope somone will give me some tips please !! I am waiting for your help lads!! Thanks

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