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      I’ll just pre-empt this query by making you all aware that I know next to nothing about cameras!

      I’m a film-making neophyte to say the least and am using my DSLR (a Canon 1100D) as a video camera. I know that this is a basic entry point model for first-time buyers of the Canon DSLR range, but I am interested in what the parameters of filming with this particular model are and whether I would be better off just buying a purpose built cam-corder?

      Also, what is the difference between using a cam-corder and a DSLR? What accessories would you need to make a DSLR previously used for photography appropriate for recording? Are there any Canon models made for film-making?

      Many thanks for taking the time to read this probably rather misinformed post, I am anxiously awaiting responses!

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      Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t have much use for multi-purpose tools. You may be able to drive a nail with an axe, but using a hammer for the job makes more sense to me.

      The DSLR craze is upon us, but it’s a multi-purpose tool that requires the operator to overcome many drawbacks. An entire industry has grown up around the DSLR, supplying accessories to improve the sound, make it easier to hold, etc.

      Given the choice, I would opt for a video camera for shooting video, a still camera — DSLR or Cybershot type — for taking still photographs.

      And if all you’re doing is casual video shooting and family stills, your iPhone — the ultimate multi-purpose tool — will produce great results and you can instantly share your images with your friends.

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      I agree with Jack’s response. I’ve been down the multi-purpose camera and once I broke away and used a video camera for filming… well wow!… the quality, etc just went up for me. So, just wanted to say “ditto” about using equipment designed for a specific purpose.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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