Cannon Vixia HF-S20

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      This video camera has been all around excellent quality and I love shooting with it!

      However the software that it came with (ImageMixerVer 6) will only allow one export at a time, and it does not remember any of the export settings except the destination folder. Has anyone had expierience with this or do I need to convert the AVCHD files to somthing my editing software recognizes and transfer that way?

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    I've found that included software that comes with cameras like this are ususally pretty bad. You might want to export a single, high quality video, then use something else for transcoding like Media Encoder, Compressor, Squeeze, Handbrake, MPEG Streamclip, etc.

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    Try the program here: AVCHD to MP4

    It works really well converting to multiple file formats.

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    If you would like to do that stuff by using command line, FFmpeg is good.

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    I have the HF-S200 and have been vary happy with it. I don't use the included software, so unfortunately can't offer any advice on that.


    I did discover that Premiere CS6 apparently has an issue with AVCHD that 5.5 did not. (It was video that had been downloaded in Elements before I upgraded to CS6.) Once I transcoded the footage to a different codec/file format (I think I used P2) it edited with ease.

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