Can you help me with my setup?

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      Good day all,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

      I want to be able to set up 2 to 3 cameras and switch between them and a projector over the course of a 6 to 7 hour day – WHILST recording what I switch. Plus, I’d like to have the ability to livestream what i’m switching.

      This is what I have:
      1x MacPro 15 inch
      1x secondary monitor
      1x blackmagic ATEM TVS
      1x blackmagic hyperdeck studio 2
      1x blackmagic ultimate studio express
      1x SSD 256gb
      1x SSD 450gb
      3x canon xa20’s & tripods
      2x sennheiser lavs
      1x zoom recorder
      1x $800 rode shotgun mic
      1x 480i projector (I need a 720p projector)

      I haven’t been able to figure out the live streaming stuff – i thought i had all i need but i’m missing something – what do i need?


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      What your going to need is a Tricaster, these are what broadcasters use.

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      thanks for the reply DNSVideo ..

      i think you missed where I listed the equipment i have tho .. can someone help me for real?

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      Sorry, I am looking now a what that Black magic thing is

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      Does you black magic tool not connect to the net? I can not see anything that says it does, although in the pictures, I do see it has an internet connection. But after looking at the site for that Black Magic thing, I see no where it says send it to net, just television.
      You may have to look at getting a tricaster

      Click to access TriCaster-Mini-Workflow.pdf

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      Thank you.

      As you can imagine. I’m a little disheartened to hear this Tricaster Mini is the way to go.

      I have been through a lot of equipment trying to get this going and I thought I was on the right track with this black magic gear .. from what i’m reading it looks like newtek users use blackmagic as an affordable backup ..

      SO .. yeah, i may get a tricaster at some point .. but, until i can even afford a tricaster i need to get what i have up & working ..

      thanks for helping tho – much appreciated ..

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      After watching this young fella talk about his setup ..

      it looks like i need a Teradek VidiU –

      or something like that ..

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      Artie, you bought some great equipment. You dont need a Tricaster at this point and it’s not very helpful to tell you you do. Yes, a Tricaster might have been a better choice for ease of setup and use and it includes the streaming output, but you already have 90% of what you need. Scrapping what you already have is silly. You’re just missing the last stage, the streaming box. There are any number of streaming converters on the market that take your system output and send it to a streaming service like Ustream. Here’s an example:

      Do a little research and you’ll find an add on box that will complete your system. Good luck.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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