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      I could really do with some of your expertise with the following issue. We are prepping our film for festival for end of month. I just got done colour grading when I noticed there was a judder in the footage. We discovered this was due to the original canon files being compressed to 24 fps when they were 25 fps. The film was edited with this compressed footage in FCP and sent to me. I never noticed the disparity until I finished the render. I have tried to alter the frame rate in composition settings but to no avail. Please please please can we fix this at this stage instead of going back to original files. The technical issues are beyond my abilities so any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Kindest Regards, D.Behan

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      Since this now Late September. it might be irregardless for me answering this but, the original footage, ran through a Higher end Video Editing Program, that can set the Video Setting to the same as the footage. Son Vegas 10 or higher can do this

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