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      I've been taking home videos for 25+ years and now I would like to take that raw data and turn it into gifts for my kids, now in their early 20's.. 

      The idea is to just give them the AVI files on large external USB type drives.  They inturn can then take create personal movies.

      My quesiotn is:

      Does anyone know of software that can be included on each drive, which would see the files like a menu. The file names would already be by date and subjuct, and create a sort of "play List" from the drive itself. My idea is to be able to use the drive as a media player. All computers can do this already when a drive is added. My idea is to have a "menu" already residing on each drive.

      I have about 60-70 taoes so the drive would be large.


      If this is doable, please give your opiion. If this is a fantasy, also, please let me know.

      Any opinions would be greatfully appreciated.


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      If I understand what you are wanting it should be possible. I would start here:
      and that is an awesome gift for your kids, my mom made albums for me and I treasure them.


      I hope this helps,


      Justin Reto

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