Can i sell my video?

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      I have a decision to make and i could use some help making it..i cant find solid answers on the internet and i dont know who to turn to..i have little experience in video making and even less in selling the rights of the footage so i really dont know how to handle this..

      I went to a bar to shoot some pool and i made a couple of good i decided to videotape them..And so i did with my cellphone..

      I uploaded videos on youtube so that i cold show them to some friends of mine..


      I got a message from youtube that the song thats playing on the radio in the bar is protected by copyrights and i should remove it(it said so for one video..i uploaded about six videos) some youtube program automaticly helped me to remove the song from the video worked so i think that should do it..this is not my real concern but it causes some doubts..

      i also posted one video of a failed attempt to make a shot where i crashed my phone.


      So yesterday i got an email from a guy saying he works for and that they are interested in buying rights for my one fail attempt video i uploaded on youtube..saying i would get 100$ on paypal if i sign the contract thats also in the email and send it back to them..making them the owner of the video..

      I would be happy getting 100$ and giving away the rights(i can make hundrets of new movies) but i really dont have any experience in handling this kind of things.


      In the video that Vvuk is interested in -Off the rail jump trick shot FAIL you can hardly hear some music playing on the radio..i cant even recognise which song could it be..its very low volume and blurry other person is seen in the video..just the table, balls and the bar wall..


      So i would like to ask a couple of questions that could help with my decision


      Does anyone have any experience with selling video rights to or any similar web sites?

      Could this be a scam of anykind?They want a signed contract and paypal info

      Am i the only owner of the whole video?

      Could there be any problems regarding the blurry music in the background?

      Would me selling the video be in anyway breaking youtube terms of agreement?

      Any other issues that could happen that i dint think of?

      Is it safe to sell??Can i sell??



      Thanks for any help and sorry for slightly sloppy english..i tried my best

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      The fact that the website that the guy claims to represent doesn't exist would be a huge red flag for me. My recomendation is to stay far away from this offer.



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      I think he posted the wrong url. This exists:

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      You should try selling your premium videos and make money. Check out this service as they have an amazing Pay-Per-View system with no commission on sales.

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      If you don’t need it, and fancy the money – take it!

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      Inactive looks like i miss typed..


      It looks pretty legit to me..but im no expert

      They also have a Facebook account, tweeter and a youtube channel..also a couple of people have videos on youtube saying they are property of

      I dont want to throw away a good offer but even less i want to fall for a scam of anykind..they require name and last name..paypal info..and a signed document they sent regarding copyrights

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      thanks vmadmin..thats exactly what happened

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