Can a video be COMPLETELY reversed?

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      Can a video be COMPLETELY reversed so it appears ‘normal’ – so things are just happening in the opposite direction? I know you can reverse photos in simple programs like Paint – but is it possible to do this in, for example, a highly sophisticated video software? I am trying to debunk a YouTube video that shows HIllary’s collapse happening in TWO DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS. shows Hillary collapsing with the van headed to the RIGHT – and the same ‘collapse’ with the van headed to the LEFT (near the end of the video). If it is IMPOSSIBLE to create two opposite views, this video would prove that something very, very wrong is happening – right in front of our eyes – that effects all of us and our government. I contacted the creator of this YT video – and he says the collapse was a hoax – that you can’t reverse video as you can a photo. When I contemplated what all this meant, it was like a punch in the gut. I’d like to be able to debunk it. Thanks for your help.

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      I think what your wanting to do is impossible with todays software programs. Most all can reverse the whole video, but not parts of it, like a single person in the video when there are many people in the video

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      Its its the same shot, just mirrored.

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      For goodness sake – this is just madness.

      On a purely practical point of view, is anything possible? Of course. Anyone with an Adobe subscription and plenty of time and effort can do practically anything, and if you have access to even more expensive software, even the practically disappears.

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