Can a digital recorder cause interference on a wireless microphone?

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      I'm a wedding videographer and I typically connect 1 or 2 Zoom H2 (not the H2n) recorders to the DJ's system through either the mixer via the master out or record out connections, or through the speaker using the mix out connection.  There's one particular DJ that I work with on a regular basis and he has had some wireless microphone interference issues once in a while.  He claims it only happens when we're working together and he swears up and down it's my recorders that are causing the issue. 


      I can't see how it's possible but maybe I'm wrong?  And if I'm wrong is there a way to fix the problem?


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      Are you talking about interference on the Zoom H2 recording, or on a wireless mic system with a seperate transmitter and a receiver?  I've never experienced interference while using Zoom H1's but have many times experienced interference when using Sony or Senheiser wireless mic systems.  Most often it's a result of cell phone activity (Blackberrys are the worst).  If your setup has selectable channels or frequencies, you could try switching to another channel or frequency that has less interference…of course unless you are constanly monitoring the audio signal you won't really know if you have a problem until post production begins.

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      Anything that's digital can cause interference with wireless reception.  The good news is that it's usually proximity based and moving the digital gear away from the receiver will usually take care of the issue.  The prior suggestion of looking for a clearer frequency is a good one to take note of as well.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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