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      A friend of my is filming while shooting with a rifle. He is looking for a camera beeing able to zoom in on a target 3000-4000 ft away. The zoom must be close enough to see the target getting hit. 
      Any suggestion??
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      Hi –

      It's easier and better to put the unmanned camera down range closer to the target with a smaller and cheaper lens.

      4000 ft is over 3/4 mile, right?  Any wind or tripod shake will look like an earthquake and atmospheric haze and heat distortion will be conciderable.  Additionally, the longer the focal length, the more compressed the scene will appear and the more shallow the depth of field.

      Get the camera closer and make life easier.



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      That sounds good! we have two GoPro 3 cameras at disposal, we could set up one of them at short range.


      Thanks for the tip!

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