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      Hey guys,


      New member here, so first of let me say hello & I apologize in advanced if I am posting in the wrong thread or if any of this post comes off as novice stuff. However, I currently am in need of some help. I have been working/starting up a new independent record label and I am in need of upgrading our camera equipment. The owner has a nice used Sony HVR-A1U but it is some-what out of date because its shoots miniDV. Im looking to sell this camera and upgrade to maybe 1 or 2 other cameras. My budget is around $3000. Now I did manage to get down to EVS in Burbank CA today and the guy Ben who worked there was super helpful but even at that I left overwhelmed. Here is where the infamous question "What should I get!?" comes into play. Let me first explain what I am looking to use this camera for. I want something that is going to be very versatile yet amazing image quality. I will be attempting to do lots of interviews, short clips, and even some music videos. I would ultimatley like to get into something that gives me the option to film a short film or high budget video also without needing to rent other cameras. With that being said I also need great still images as well. Ben @ EVS steered me in a few directions at the show room. Ben recomended the Panasonic AG-AC90 as a great camera for my needs because its a similar shooting style & configuration to the sony we currently have. My only issues were that it does not have an interchangable lense, its not a true dslr still camera, and also I couldnt find many reviews or mateial on this camera. Has anyone used this device and whats your feedback? Now I also looked into the Canon 7d as well as possibly the Rebel t3i. My question is what would you do given my budget and situation? Like I mentioned before the idea of having 2 cameras is appetizing as well. I dont mind renting lenses, I'd like to get into a camera that comes with a decent lense for overall shooting and I will rent for any other needs. Also used gear could be an option. Sorry for the long thread once again.. Im just trying to get a clear direction on where to go with my purchases!


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      I feel like the first question you need to ask yourself is, Are you looking for a DSLR of camcorder? would you benefit from something that takes great stills as well? But will you need to record for longer than 20 minutes at a time? Will you need slow motion at some point? What existing equipment and accessories do you have?


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