Camera Stabilizer for a Canon t5i DSLR

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      Hello there!
      I’ve been looking around a lot trying to gather information and figure out what I’m looking for. There are many incredibly helpful threads here, however I feel like I’m getting slightly lost and would like to ask for your guys’ advice!

      So I’m looking for a camera stabilizer for my Canon t5i DSLR to shoot mainly drum videos with. They currently look something like this:

      My wife is the one doing the filming, and is just helping me out, so we’re not dealing with any professional or such here, just a person helping out whom I’d like to get some equipment for to help stabilize the video. They all seem to come with a learning stage and a learning curve, that’s no problem. I’ve been looking in the price range of around $150-$400~ish and found some interesting alternatives, but I’m asking for advice to see what you guys believe would fit the situation best.

      Any kind of help and further guidance is incredibly appreciated!

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      Anyone able to help out here? πŸ™‚

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      Damian Lloyd

      One thought: For videos like the one you link to (which has now been taken offline, but I have it on disc), I think you’d be better off with a slider than a stabilizer.

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      Johnny Wu

      A slider would be much more cheaper than the camera stabilizer.But it is not a video stabilization device. To capture movements, you need a camera stabilizer which cost too much. I ever reviewed MOZA gimbals and CAME-TV gimbals. As i knew, the MOZA Pro can carry your Canon T5i. It costs over $2000. The affordable MOZA lite 2 gimbal is half cheaper. I am not sure whether it can hold your camera.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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