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      Hey, all!

      I am looking for a camera setup for my church. What we want to do is have a camera sit up in our balcony that will run when the service starts. It would be nice if we could find something that is remote control, so we could pan/tilt/zoom from some sort of remote or application. In addition, we’d like to find one where we can send the video feed of the service to different rooms in our building.

      Any help on this would be great! A setup along these lines would be nice. Would love everybody’s suggestions!

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      A Bescor MP-101 tripod head, for example, will allow you to pan and tilt remotely. A lanc controller, which will work with many Canon and Sony cameras, will allow you to start and stop recording, as well as to zoom. You’ll need a make up a cable bundle with three cables: one cable for the Bescor head, a second for the lanc controller and the third to provide video from the camera to a monitor so you can see what the camera is shooting. We’ve used cable runs of up to 200 feet successfully, and carry the cables to shoots on a large diameter spool.
      You’ll need a video and an audio mixer so you can run cables from the camera to each of the rooms involved. I’d suggest using a professional installer for the cable runs to insure maximum efficiency in the system.

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