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      Just wondering if someone has suggestions.

      I will be shooting a Christmas service. The start is a concert by young string students–lighting in the sanctuary should serve as sufficient.

      Following the youngsters’ concert, we move to a candlelight service. At a point, near end of the service, house lighting will go off, as all will be holding candles. Lighting the candles will be progressive, starting from the altar candles.

      My situation involves a two-camera, no-man shoot. After the first number by the youngsters, I will relocate from a close-up position to a tripod near the rear of the room. I will set the camera to capture virtually all the action at the front of the sanctuary–and then I become one of the choir, far away from my camera. I have a second camera, on tripod, no relocation.

      What should my camera settings be for it to continue capturing the service, to include the dark room as lit by the progressive lighting of candles? I surely don’t want to use “auto,” with the piece ending in darkness filled with video noise!! I will be satisfied to achieve “good candle,” without the noise. IF any individuals/items are visible during the candlelight portion–all the better.

      Thank you!! … and Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

      I’ll be shooting with a Sony HVR-Z7U and Nikon D90

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      I seem to be the bearer of bad news for Christmas seasons shooters, but what you're asking of these cameras is not possible. Pinpoints of light are incredibly hard to shoot without getting a washed out spot of light or losing everything else in the image. There is just TOO much contrast between the light and the darkness when the house lights go out.


      I would suggest staging similar conditions and practicing your settings before you shoot the event live. Just like shooting the moon, avoid the urge to over-expose or you will loose all of your detail.


      Good luck.

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      Thank you for the information — even if it is somewhat of "no can do" — best to know and be prepared.


      Merry Christmas!!

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