Camera recommendation for vintage Pentax Lens

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      Hi there!
      I’m an independent filmmaker and photographer.
      I shoot film when I take photographs and usually rely on DoP friends when I have to shoot video.
      That’s why I have very good vintages lenses.

      I’m going on a trip soon and am planning on shooting some video myself, for which I aspire to achieve the best possible quality within my budget, so I was planning on getting a budget, probably used, camera.

      I know photography theory and practice, and can achieve a good result on a regular DSLR (ie.:Canon 5D, 7D, 60D, T3i, etc), but I’m not an experienced DoP (I wouldn’t know what to do with an Alexa). I have pretty solid post-production and color grading knowledge.

      I was looking to get a camera body to go with my marvelous Asahi Pentax 1.4 50mm lens (Pentax K mount) from the late 1970’s which I absolutely adore and believe it to have top notch optics.

      I’m planning on shooting film-style fiction on natural light conditions, and indoors, no studio or light settings.

      What camera would you recommend I’d get for less than 500$ that could go with this lens? Could be DSRL or MFT as long as I can adapt them to my lens.

      Do you think a Canon 5D Mark II is worth it? Or maybe a Pocket Black Magic Cinema?

      Thanks a lot!

Viewing 0 reply threads
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