Camera FV-5 on Google Pixel

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      I tried to shoot video for my website (math instruction), about six takes of four minutes each, with my Google Pixel. I wanted to use an external mic, a lavalier mic, and learned I needed Camera FV-5. (I guess the built-in video camera app always accesses the built-in mic?) I had a friend, who makes documentary films teach me about lighting and angles and run the camera this first time. Hopefully I can do it myself in the future.

      So we ran into a problem. The phone kept shutting down… i.e. screen would go to a flashing image of a battery. We had it on external power and the battery level never dropped very far. After about the third time this happened I realized the phone was very hot. Perhaps it was overheating?

      I also noticed that we generated 8 GB of data in about 25 minutes of video, which sounds like a lot. I haven’t checked the video settings, but I wonder if something about our settings, i.e. we must be shooting raw, is related both to that and to overheating, in the sense that perhaps the phone expends more energy on the computations needed to generate that much data?

      What would you recommend?


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