Camera for shortfilms?

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      I am a just starting filmmaker/director who is just starting to make shortfilms. I don’t know what type of camera to get whether it be a camcorder or a DLSR, and I don’t know what brand I should get either.
      Because this is a necessary detail, the films I plan to make will have cinematic scenes, but all will almost always include VFX-heavy action scenes, just about everything ranging from just a regular fight to gritty and gruesome to lasers and superpowers.
      As I mentioned earlier, I don’t know whether a camcorder or a DSLR would be what I need.

      Keep in mind before reading the specs I need I’m on a tight budget, which is around $600-700. Nothing can go over $900-1,000.

      If you have a camera that would be good for my purpose that doesn’t exactly fit my description, still post it, I still could use it.

      I need a good LCD screen because i don’t want an external monitor.
      I need (I would prefer) 4K.
      I need the screen to be able to fully articulate.
      I need it to be good/decent in low lighting/dark areas.
      I need it to be good/decent with slow motion shots.
      I need a headphone/microphone jack.
      I need good zoom range.
      I need it to have decent auto focus as well as manual focus.
      It needs to have an interchangeable lens.

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